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As with many abstract artists, my art is an outer expression of my inner world. Every painting, like every person, has a story to tell. My paintings tell of love and loss, of turmoil and peace, of excitement, and uncertainty, and ultimately of triumph.

Using bold colors, expressive brush strokes, and an intuitive style, I invite the viewer to reflect on their own stories from their own inner worlds, and inspire them to find the beauty of the chaos in their own lives.

“Inspire, Expire. (The Air in Your Lungs)”

In this ongoing series, I explore the power of the breath. There is nothing so simple nor so complex and essential.

What other people are saying…

I see so many elements and images in it- it does have a photographic quality. So intriguing.


Powerful piece!

– Marie

This painting is awesome. You have always had an incredible eye for how things should come together.

– Kayla

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