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how Legend was made

Ever look at a piece of abstract art and just wonder how in the world something like that comes to be? I have. And I thought it could be fun to use QR code technology to gift a little easter egg type bonus for the endlessly inquisitive, such as myself.

So thanks for your curiosity and I hope you enjoy leaning more about how this particular piece of artwork came to be!

It begins with a blank canvas. In this case, the largest canvas I have worked on to date, 48inx72in.

After spending some time with the blank canvas, it’s time to begin. I start with some simple charcoal lines, to introduce movement into the piece.

I then add some black paint, to begin adding depth.

And we’ve got the bones of a large scale painting!

Next thing we need to do is begin adding color! As much as I love sharing my process with everyone, there are some times that I just have to go for it, without taking the time to set up a recording. For this piece- the addition of the first color layer (I went with some white and some pinky-reds), was one of those times. With a piece this size, I have to work outside, and on this particular day I ended up working well past dark.

I love working outside. There’s a level freedom that I just can’t find inside the studio.

The entire process of creating this piece took about a week, but thanks to the magic of time-lapse video, you can watch it come together in just under two minutes!

And for those who may prefer step-by-step still images, here’s a layer-by-layer slideshow.

I really appreciate your taking the time to check out the story behind the painting! If you enjoyed it and would like to see more, join my email list below or check me out on the socials!

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