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I’m here, and I’m learning.

Like many people, I’ve been trying to set my January goals, but I’ve been finding it rather difficult. It is not something I’m naturally adept at.

I do have goals. There are plenty of things I want to accomplish this year, but it might not surprise you to learn that my organization of said goals is where my adhd ass gets bogged down.

Luckily for me, the internet is full of people who are good at goal-setting, and I’ve been fortunate enough to link up with a couple of them. As a result, these last few weeks has been chock full of inspirational podcasts and webinars and workbooks, all meant to help me figure out what I’m doing. I’m grabbing a little bit from here, a bit from there, a tad from over here. I think it’s working.

I’m here, and I’m learning.

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