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Rejection. It’s inevitable.

Does it suck, every time? Yeah. Yeah it does.

A few weeks ago I submitted an application for inclusion into a group show. I felt that I had a really strong piece of work, I was feeling good. I’d also recently been rejected from not one, but two local Christmas markets (“Thank you, your work is lovely, it just isn’t quite what we’re looking for.”) and a local salon I thought I might be able to exhibit some work at. I thought hey, maybe they want more crafty type gifts and stuff at the markets, and to be fair, and as for the salon- abstract expressionist art is kind of out there. If that’s not the vibe the salon is striving for, I totally get that.

Maybe, I thought, maybe I’d have better luck with submitting to an exhibition, try and find someplace that’s more Art than Craft. So I found one that felt like it would be a good fit and I sent off a submission. And I waited. And today I found out that nope. That’s not quite the right one either.

I have no doubt that I’ll find a place for it- I know my work is good. So I’ll continue looking, I’ll continue creating; I’ll find my place eventually.

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