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Let’s do this.

I used to blog all the time.

Like, all the time. It was the way I processed my kids’ early years. I started waaaaay back in 2008, while still pregnant with my firstborn. I wanted to keep our extended friends and family in the loop during the end of pregnancy and into the baby’s first milestones.

Fast forward 13 years, I’m once again starting a new blog. Except this one isn’t about “babies, running, photography, and life in general.” Well, I suppose some of that may actually cross over, I guess we’ll have to see where this takes me.

So who am I, these days? I’m just a human, trying to figure things out. I’m an American ex-pat, living in a small town by a lake outside of Quebec City. I have a husband, we have five children, and now that they’re all pretty much school age (the last one starts kindergarten next year) I am finally launching that art career that I’ve been paying student loans for since the mid aughts. This blog will be that story.

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